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Your choice of Friends
Welcome to the world of Friends Wine!
Discover Friends, wine that is! Wine enthusiasts can now enjoy a palate pleasing, quality wine anywhere their hearts desire! A simple and brilliant idea of bottling premium wines from France directly into a glass made of 100% recyclable material. Drink Differently And Conveniently With Friends Wine Glass!

Friends Wine has the look and feel of a lightweight wine glass and is made of 100% recyclable plastic, this makes it perfect for all occasions where taking or carrying a bottle of wine, a corkscrew and an additional glass is quite cumbersome and dangerous, like stadiums, arenas, golf courses, pool side, amphitheaters, family reunions, private parties, weddings, camping, the beach or picnics where our wine glass poses no danger, liability or security risks. Friends Wine Glass is just as convenient and enjoyable at home with family and of course Friends, which also allows you to enjoy a delightfully pleasing glass of fresh Friends Wine without having to open an entire bottle, so personalize the moment & drink with your eyes and enjoy a fresh single serving, ready to drink glass of Friends wine!

Peel,  Drink  &   Enjoy!